Beard Oil

CHF 18.95


nourish your face fuzz with our argan-infused beard oil.

There are hundreds of nicknames for beards, but “attractive” is the one to aspire to. What makes an attractive beard? For starters, touchably soft, frizz-free hair with smooth texture, strong strands, and no tangles. Also important is healthy, hydrated skin below that doesn’t look dry or flaky. Those are your goals, now here’s your solution: L3VEL3 beard oil. Enriched with a dynamic blend of natural oils – including argan oil – this stuff actively improves the look and health of facial hair. It’ll be Beard Season all year round.

Key Features
Enriched with a unique blend of argan, almond, jojoba, and coconut oil
Moisturizes and softens beard hair, while detangling and preventing frizz
Strengthens and nourishes hair to promote epic, healthy beard growth
Helps to reduce dry, irritated, itchy skin and unsightly, flaky beard dandruff
Leave-in formula is rich but non-greasy and leaves beards smelling irresistible

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