L3VEL3 Swiss GmbH


CHF 20.95

Put your style in the spotlight. With our extra shine Brilliant Cream.

When it comes to hair, sleek and shiny are the goal. It’s all about that dazzle, whether on short or long cuts, straight or curly textures, guys or girls. Because you deserve to shine, and with our brilliant cream, your goals are achievable. This product earns its name, by amping up the gloss and holding hair in place all day. It also puts you in control of your look, allowing you to reshape your style as you please. Want more? The formula is enriched with provitamins for stronger, healthier, more hydrated hair. Brilliant? This cream is pure genius.

Key Features

  • Makes hair look sleek and shiny with a nice texture and lasting hold
  • Provides amazing control so you can reshape and restyle as you please
  • Enriched with provitamins to protect, hydrate, and promote healthy hair
  • Luscious consistency is easy to work with and leaves no visible residue
  • Use before blow-drying to achieve on-trend hair with enticing scent

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