CHF 11.95


Color crazy? Mix it up with our stain-resistant, space-saving, silicone hair dye bowl.

Whether it’s an all-over dye job or artsy flashes of color, the key to successful application lies with your tools. You may have to mix messy powdered colors; you might want more control over gloopy cream colors. Whatever the situation, our collapsible tint bowl offers an easy, convenient, and practical way to get down with dyes. Even bleach and vibrant dyes can’t stain this bowl, which contains no metal for safety and sure-fire results. Made of flexible yet durable silicone, the bowl pops up when you’re ready to work and flattens for tidy storage. So when dye is called for, you can get creative with color and paint like a pro.

Key Features

  • Made of quality silicone that’s lightweight and flexible but hard-wearing
  • Resistant to bleach, chemicals, stains, and abrasions so it stays pristine
  • Contains no metal that can oxidize hair dyes and spoil color results
  • Easy to grip and features a non-slip base to help prevent spills
  • Compact and collapsible for easy storage and portability

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