L3VEL3 Swiss GmbH


CHF 31.95

Elevate your designs and improve your technique with our color liner pencils

It takes some serious skill to give hair flair with portraits, slogans, and patterns. The right tools help too, so if you’re inspired to unleash your inner artist, check out our hair color pencils. There are 12 pencils in the pack, each one delivering vivid color to make your hair tattoos and hair portraits pop. The color goes on smoothly, ensuring flawless results and your client’s comfort while you’re sketching. Create sharp lines, define intricate details, and fill out large areas with ease and precision. Hair art? The only limit is your imagination.   

Key Features

  • Includes 12 different colors for creating strikingly unique designs
  • Creamy-smooth application ensures neat lines and vibrant colors
  • Durable but lightweight pencils for ease of use and superior control
  • Each pencil has its own cover to prevent snapped or blunted tips
  • Enhance shaves, fades, undercuts, and more with wild hair art

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