Face and Body Wax Stripe

CHF 11.95


Unwanted hair? Whip it off without the mess, thanks to our ready-to-use DIY wax strips.

If you’ve ever tried home hair removal, you’ll know it can be a hit-and-miss affair without the right product. If you’re a professional waxologist, you know you need a product that’s tough on hair but gentle on skin. And whoever you are, you want flawless, long-lasting results without mess or fuss. Thanks to our wax strips, you can achieve silky-smooth skin in minutes, whether or not you’re a waxing pro. The strips are ready to use and remove unwanted hair from the root for up to four weeks of smoothness. They’re suitable for large body areas and precise facial waxing, even on sensitive skin. Strip on = hair gone!

Key Features

  • Pre-waxed strips, ready to use for fast and easy application with great results
  • Flaunt up to four weeks of smooth skin then softer, finer hair regrowth
  • Strips remove unwanted hair from the root while being gentle on skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, delicate facial areas, and precision hair removal
  • No mess, no additional tools needed, great for travel, home, and salon use

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