CHF 4.95

Flawless application and a neat finish, brought to you by our hairline optimizer.

Applying hair fibers needn’t be tricky or time-consuming. All you need is a smart tool that’s specially designed for even distribution and a neat, natural-looking hairline. If you’re a barber busy with multiple clients, that tool must be easy to use and deliver on its promise of flawless coverage. Whether you use spray or powder fibers, our innovative hair fiber applicator comb does all of the above. It allows for fuss-free application and a professional finish on receding hairlines, bald spots, and areas of uneven hair growth. It’s easy to clean too, so you can use it safely time after time.

Key Features

  • Evenly distributes hair fibers throughout the intended area
  • Irregular teeth create a hairline that looks natural, even close up
  • Provides flawless coverage to discreetly fill patchy areas
  • Curved shape prevents fibers from falling on the face or in the eyes
  • Easy to wash, sanitize, and reuse, offering great value for money

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