Form Mirror

CHF 24.95
This foam frame mirror gives clients a crystal-clear view of their sweet new style.

Your wall-mounted mirrors can only show so much of that epic fade you just created. Yep, the front looks lit, but what about the back and sides? Here’s where you need a practical, easily-grabbable handheld barber’s mirror. This one frames premium quality glass in shockproof foam padding, for a mirror that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold, but also insanely durable. The glass gives a true reflection with no distortion, while the ergonomic frame features a cutout handle for ease of use. Your hairstyles will shine from every angle.

Key Features
  • Round mirror made of deluxe glass for an undistorted reflection
  • Shock-absorbing foam frame protects the glass and is comfortable to hold
  • Contoured cutout handle provides good grip and allows for easy hanging
  • Lightweight and slimline yet highly durable, making it cost-effective
  • Allows clients to see every angle of their hairstyle without leaving the chair

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