L3VEL3 Swiss GmbH


CHF 24.95

tint brush pack that comes with every size suitable for any situation!

Achieving dope results with hair dye takes skill, but also the right tools. Mixing powdered or liquid dyes is a messy business and requires care to achieve the perfect texture. When it comes to application, only precise work will ensure even distribution and coverage. We know the score, so we’ve created this set that includes a hair color brush for every need. Effective yet gentle bristles and easy-grip handles get the job done, no muss, no fuss. Whether you’re tinting, creating hair art, coloring a full head, or dyeing a beard, our tint brush set should be your go-to.

Key Features

  • Includes six different brushes for tinting and coloring hair and facial hair
  • Bristles are firm enough for neat application but gentle on scalp and skin
  • Sturdy handles are comfortable to hold and feature an easy-grip finish
  • Fine handle tips allow for quick and easy yet precise hair parting
  • Pro design and solid performance, made for mixing and applying hair dye

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